Januari 03, 2010

Configuring mutt for IMAPS

Here’s a trivial guide for desperately busy people to start using mutt, yes the mail client that suck less. If you like simplicity and more on functionalities than eye candy, this should be your mail client (and who the hell are you to ask me to do that? — you said :p).

Ok, to begin, you should know your user name, IMAP server, and SMTP server details. This should not be difficult since you should have this first place when you got your mail hosted somewhere else (for example, you may login to cpanel and than get this information from your e-mail account.
Firstly, the configuration file. Mutt uses $HOME/.muttrc as the default configuration file. There are some configuration. Here’s mine (this is not complete .muttrc, I put this only the parts which is useful for this guide):
# put your email address here
set from="bpdp@contextualmind.net"
set use_from=yes
set envelope_from="yes"

set editor=vim

set folder="imaps://username@imapserver"
set spoolfile="imaps://username@imapserver/INBOX"

set imap_pass="putpasswordhere"

set smtp_url="smtp://username@server/"
set smtp_pass="putpasswordhere"

bind index 'G' imap-fetch-mail
set mbox="!"
Run mutt from shell and use G key to refresh (just as you have already defined in bind index).

Happy mutt-ing, people :)


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