Januari 22, 2012

Arrows Problem in NERDTree Vim Plugin

The NERDTree plugin in Vim is used to present and display directories and files in your filesystem location. I found this plugin very useful to manage my code. The small problem at the first time I used this plugin is the display of explored filesystem. Default in my terminal like this:

Not beautiful of course. So, I tried to find the solution. The problem lies in how we define arrow for explored filesystem. Just add this in your $HOME/.vimrc:
let g:NERDTreeDirArrows=0
Here's the more beautiful result:

Just for the record, I also use this startup NERDTree command in my .vimrc:
" always open NERDTree 
autocmd vimenter * NERDTree

" if the last window is NERDTree, then close Vim
autocmd bufenter * if (winnr("$") == 1 && exists("b:NERDTreeType") && b:NERDTreeType == "primary") | q | endif 

let g:NERDTreeDirArrows=0 


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