Mei 09, 2013

Add MIME types into LiteIDE editor

This is just simply a note to myself. LiteIDE uses some text files for its configuration. Using View - Options menu, one can update LiteIDE configuration, but not all of its configurations can be changed this way. One example is the MIME types. I use "*.tpl" for my template file's pattern. This extension file name is not exist in MIME Types from View - Options - LiteEditor - File Types menu, so this kind of file is render as a plain text file without syntax coloring while I want them to be rendered as HTML file. You know how painful it is, right?

LiteIDE uses a file to configure file types. It resides in $LITEIDE_HOME//share/liteide/liteapp/mimetype. The file is liteeditor.xml. Change that file:

Very simple indeed. A very nice and good IDE for Go (and Lua also). :)


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